27/01/2015 - World Unleashed and then Connecting

Video captation of the interactive video installation “World Unleashed and then Connecting” presented by TeamLab at the entrance of Hall #7 of  Maison et Objet Paris held from January 23th to January 27th, 2015 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, France.




World Unleashed and then Connecting
Monde délivré, puis re-connecté
TeamLab, 2015
Installation numérique interactive, sans fin
Son : Hideaki Takahashi



« In celebration of M&O’s 20th anniversary we have used Arita ware vases to transform this space into a brand new world. Our intention was to create an image of a cafe or a restaurant of the future, and we believe the future will be built upon a continuity, a long, unbroken history of culture.


When the vases are in place, the world contained within them is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the larger space. The individual worlds unleashed from each vase intertwine and create a brand new world in external space.The vases can be arranged on the table however visitors like.


The worlds unleashed from the vases are affected by the other vases on the table. The images aren’t merely recorded in advanced and replayed; the images are affected by the other vessels and visitors’ actions and are continuously drawn and redrawn through a computer program in real time. For example, a bird that flies free from one vase can perch on the branch of a tree unleashed from another. And the trees that grow from each vase are not identical; their sizes and shapes are affected by the worlds unleashed by the other vases on the table.


The worlds unleashed from the vases are also affected by your behavior. If you stand still, a tiny bird might alight on your hand; if you move suddenly, it might fly away.


In other words, the worlds unleashed from the variety of vases on the table influence each other, react to the actions of visitors, and combine to create one single continuous world.


Through the vases chosen by the people in this space—and through the actions of those people—a new world is created in eternal flux, never appearing quite the same from moment to moment. »







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