16/10/2018 - IIM Photography Workshop

As usual, it was a real pleasure to welcome a group of students of IIM – Institute of Internet and Multimedia for a Photography workshop, or how to learn the basics of photography in one week.


At a time when more than half of these students are brought, as part of their learning process, to publish content on social networks, some fundamental notions of photography were greatly appreciated. Intensive program created to measure, combining theory and practice, to respond to many situations (reportage, portrait, still life, packshot, story telling, …) using the technique (camera settings, shooting techniques, editing, metadata, digital workflow, online publishing, …).


For more information, an article – written in French – can be read on the IIM blog.


IIM Photography Workshop

Discovery of the world of a photographic studio by IIM students in Paris on October 10th, 2018.


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